New Model 2011
A unique detector for 5 reasons
The detector incorporates the latest Pulse Induction technological advances, the knowledge of Deepers Detector. The structure of the telescopic shaft is extremely durable and resistant, where the upper shaft is made of reinforced nylon, middle shaft of Duralumin and lower shaft of virtually unbreakable carbon fiberglass. The mounted handle inclined at 20° for long detection sessions without fatigue. The electronic box and battery compartment are made of quality ABS. The quickly rechargeable and easily interchangeable NiMH 12V 2.2Ah battery pack, allowing for more than 9 hours of continuous detection. Joining the detector with a smart battery charger, high definition headphones, standard round search coil, and a set of other available search coils of higher power. All our staff is trained, under supervision of highly qualified French engineers, assembling the major parts of our equipment by hand.
1. The most powerful detector on the market
It will surprise you by its phenomenal capacity of soil penetration and agility to detect noble metals such as gold and silver. Nothing will be able to hide from you anymore, to assure that, we are the only company in the world to offer you a depth and discrimination guarantees. The Deepers X5 discriminates at 100% the Soda stay-can and bottle caps, very useful on beaches or public places, you will not dick for crappy rubbish!
2. A detection equipment of high quality - the benchmark of the Deepers Detector, widely recognized in more than 25 countries
3. An easy-to-use detector
Within a few minutes, you will be able to operate it without having to deal with complicated adjustments or an obscure user manual. You will be satisfied from your first treasure-hunting trip with it.
4. The most compact and manageable Pulse Induction detector
It is a real PI metal detector with an astonishing ground penetration power and using a full-options PI system, as small and easy to use as a VLF: no more cables around, no more heavy batteries to be carried on the belt and finally, no more bulky box on the chest. For this new detector we have created a miniaturized electronic circuit to combine all components in a small ABS plastic box, perfectly adapted into the global design of the detector.
5. The deepest penetration
The Deepers X5 is enable to localize a coin at the depth of 30 to 35 cm (12 to 14 inch), a precious metal deposit or antique hidden treasure at around 2.5 m (8.2 feet), or an even deeper target with the use of the Frame coil… Nothing can escape the Deepers X5.
Oscar, a professional treasure hunter tested the new Deepers X5 in a beautiful hacienda near Veracruz (Mexico). After two hours of practice he shared his impressions with us: “It is incredibly easy of use, very compact and lightweight for a detector of such incredible power. I have tested its depth capabilities on a bronze plate, which I buried in my garden at more than 2 meters deep. Deepers X5 with the Hypersensitive search coil easily detected it without a slightest hesitation. It is truly a highly advanced metal detector and I do not know anything comparable to it on the market. Bravo Deepers Detector."
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For everyone who wants to Stop Searching and Start Finding…
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Deepers X5 is the best choice.
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